Turkish dailies cover on Thursday the Russian spy plane flying close to Turkish airspace, discussions on Turkey’s missile deal with a Chinese firm, PM Erdogan’s visit to Kosovo and Turkish team Galatasaray’s 3-1 win over Copenhagen on Wednesday in a UEFA Champions League group match.


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The agenda of Turkish dailies on Thursday ranges from Turkey’s missile deal with a Chinese firm to Turkish team Galatasaray’s win over Copenhagen on Wednesday in a UEFA Champions League group game. Herein, we covered the most circulated titles and news.

Most dailies' front pages covered the statement by the Turkish General Staff reporting that a Russian IL-20 spy plane flew over the Black Sea near Turkish airspace before being followed by two Turkish F-16 fighter jets to block any possible violation. YENI SAFAK captioned "Russian Violation” and wrote that Turkish fighter jets blocked possible breach by the Russian plane and accompanied it with a parallel flight from the Georgian aerial borders to Bulgarian aerial borders. HURRIYET also titled "F-16 chase of Russian plane” while TURKIYE headlined "Spy hunting in the air.” AKSAM wrote the Turkish jets chased the Russian plane for 800km.

The majority of dailies covered discussions on Turkey’s long-range missile deal with a Chinese firm, focusing on the responses and reactions of NATO and Turkish PM Erdogan. RADIKAL captioned “Missile showdown” and wrote that NATO says it is not possible to integrate these Chinese missiles with NATO's defense system. On the other hand, RADIKAL reported Turkish PM Erdogan as saying that NATO’s response is not determinative in the case as NATO should not intervene in Turkey's sovereignty. CUMHURIYET daily quoted NATO and Erdogan and captioned “Ankara-NATO run-in: showdown for missile.” On the other hand, YENI SAFAK captioned the topic within the context of Erdogan’s speech in Kosovo and wrote “It (the deal) has nothing to do with NATO.”

Turkish PM Erdogan’s visit to Kosovo also had extensive coverage in Turkish press. VATAN, SABAH and MILLIYET placed the visit and Erdogan’s speech on their front pages. VATAN headlined “We are as close as Turkey's Anthem," writing that Erdogan told Kosovo's PM that the writer of the Turkish anthem, Mehmet Akif Ersoy, was originally from Kosovo. On the other hand, SABAH titled "Future cannot be built on grief,” quoting Erdogan referencing the past conflicts in the region. SABAH wrote that Erdogan told a large crowd that the region's history should be rewritten and Turkey has always supported the independence of Balkan states and communities. Furthermore, MILLIYET touched upon Erdogan’s remarks defending Turkish spymaster National Intelligence Organization (MIT) head Hakan Fidan against the claims and threats against him in international media.

Many front pages addressed Galatasaray’s 3-1 win over Denmark's Copenhagen in the UEFA Champions League group qualifier last night.

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