Debate over Turkey's democratization package continues to make the headlines in the newspapers


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Debate over Turkey's democratization package continues to make the headlines in the newspapers as closure of private tutoring centres, new regulations on working life and the Kenya Mall Attack are also among today's topics.

Daily Yeni Safak placed remarks by Yalcin Akdogan -- ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party's deputy chairman and political advisor to the prime minister -- over the democratization package. Akdogan says the package constitutes a historic moment for "a new Turkey." "There is an expectation and no one goes back, who goes back will lose," the daily quotes him as telling an interview. "We laid the foundation of a new Turkey." He adds that the package is "the continuation of a process set long ago by the AK Party."

Another eye-catching story on Yeni Safak's front page is headlined "Women Revolution in Local Elections" which reports that one third of candidates in local elections -- set for for March 2014 -- will be women.

Remarks by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at an opening ceremony in Adana on Sunday is featured on many of the front pages.

Daily Star's headline reads "Some people annoyed of the headscarf" while Yeni Safak, Sabah, Haberturk relate Erdogan's speech to the democratization package. Taraf and Radikal dailies published some arguments on the package. Taraf discuses the outcome of the package, quoting a political science professor: "Narrowed electoral system will finish the hegemony of the leader." In an interview, the professor compares the package to democratic policies in the UK and the US, saying, "by the narrowed regional system, the candidates become free of the party.” Daily Radikal contributes to the debate with an interview with a professor of Educational Sciences from Istanbul's Bogazici University and quotes her as saying that "it cannot be accepted that the idea of education in the mother tongue in public schools might be postponed for a later package."

Reform in labor law

Daily Sabah leads with an exclusive story featuring a series of regulations newly-introduced in Turkey's labor laws. A story with the headline "A big reform in work life" says the government plans to overhaul the country's labor laws. The plans include encouraging part time working especially for women with babies can without a pay cut.

Private tutoring centers to be closed

Daily Vatan takes up an interesting development about private tutoring centers in Turkey that offer supplementary courses for students who will take university entrance exams.

The daily's exclusive lead reads "the certificate of approval of private tutoring centers cancelled."

It reports that Minister of Education Nabi Avci says the certificates to run tutoring centers will be cancelled by January 2014. The paper quotes Avci as saying that the certificates of 4,000 such centers will not be renewed.

Last month's bloody attack on a Kenyan mall was revisited by daily Hurriyet which reported on a US strike on senior al-Shabaab members. The main headline reads "They are looking for Elif's murderer." Elif Yavuz, one of 72 victims at Kenyan mall siege, was killed with her boyfriend weeks before their first baby's birth.

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