The police raids on organized gangs in Istanbul make a number of the front pages on Tuesday. Democratization package also hit the headlines while the regulations in labor law and tuition centers were the other topics of today's papers.


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The recent developments on the democratization package (a newly introduced set of government reforms regarding human rights and freedoms) and concrete steps toward democracy are most welcomed on the front pages of SABAH and HABER TURK dailies.

“Run to Democracy” is how HABER TURK describes the steps taken in the making of some long term plans of the package. The paper says many historical steps were taken on the path of democratization, “student oath removed from secondary schools and Islamic headscarf in public is free.”

The main headline in SABAH reads “headscarf shame is history”. It reports that the memorandom circular regarding the student oath and headscarf published in the Offical Gazzette on Monday, which was welcomed by the paper, claming that “the dark page of Republican history was closed”.

Another story concerning the package on the front page of the same daily is headlined “Mor Gabriel by vote”. It reports the property of Mor Gabriel Monastery which was seized from the Syriac Christian community in 2005 by Treasury was returned to the community.

The daily STAR also welcomes reforms under the headline “Freedoom to Headscarf”, saying that "the ban on headscarf now is a thing of the past”.

Police Operation on Gang related Organizations

Istanbul Police Headquarters carried out a raid upon gang related organizations on Monday and regarding news are on headlines too.

“The end of a gang” reads the main headline in VATAN. It says the police launched a raid on gangs in Istanbul's Gulsuyu and Gazi neighborhoods, reportedly the hotbeds of leftist organizations and drug related gangs. The operations at 97 locations lasted 72 hours. Seven pistols and an M-16 machine gun were caught during the operations.

The STAR's headline “Street without mask and rifles” reports the same news, picturing a photo of a few masked men with rifles in the street. The daily claims that the main target behind such organizations is sectarian violence to provoke the conflict among Alevi and Sunni citizens according to intelligence service.

Debate Over Closure of Tuition Centers

Monday's news about tuition centers dominates the front page of daily ZAMAN. The main headline reads “There is no obligation to renew the certificate of approval for tuition centres” , a quote by the chairman of the union of private tuition centers. The debate flared up following the Minister of Education Nabi Avci's saying the certificates to run tuition centers would be cancelled on Monday.


Daily YENI SAFAK headlines remarks of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Syrian President Bashar Assad. The main headline reads “Assad is a terrorist”. The daily reports that Turkish PM qualifies Assad as a terrorist, qouting him as saying “the man who killed 110 thousand of citizens is a terrorist, now the state terror is running over the country”. The remarks also are featured on the top of the front page of AKSAM.

The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's praise for Bashar al-Assad also takes place on the front pages of many papers. The praise is met with a surprise, says CUMHURIYET while TARAF assosiates it with a good chemistry between Kerry and Assad.

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