President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's speech to Turkish business leaders encouraging a new vision and not to underestimate the growth of the Turkish economy is covered by Turkish dailies. The media also focuses on the thousands of Syrians rushing to the Turkish border. The Turkish European Union Minister Bozkir's outlining of a new strategy to secure accession to the European Union is also covered.


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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's speech to a gathering of business leaders where he outlined a new vision for businesses which encourages "handshaking not polarization" is covered by almost all the Turkish press on Friday.

Erdogan said some in the business community have close links with U.S. based Turkish Islamic Gulen-led group, who are accused of conducting illegal wiretaps of thousands of people in Turkey. He is quoted in VATAN daily; "We see some taking that group even under the wings and supporting them openly."

The daily also added that Erdogan stated that they are aware of who is organizing these 'perception operations' - a parallel structure against Turkey and its growing economy.

The daily HURRIYET reports Erdogan's call for a united front against the 'falsified' news about Turkey in The New York Times this week.

Some other dailies cover the thousands of Syrians rushing to the Turkish border after ISIL fighters captured some Kurdish villages in northern Syria over the past twenty four hours.

'Border License' is the headline in the daily YENI SAFAK, which says that the clashes between ISIL and YPG - the Syrian wing of PKK terrorist group - have increased while immigrants were stuck on the border and waiting for permission to enter Turkey.

As Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had instructed the Turkish governors of the border cities of Turkey to help those immigrants.

The daily says ISIL fighters have entered the Kurdish city of Ayn al-Arab city in northern Syria from three separate areas and attacked with missiles, capturing twenty one villages.

However, PYD is denying that claim, the daily says.

Daily HURRIYET reported that around three thousand Syrian immigrants were trying to cross the Turkish border. The daily adds that Turkish soldiers did not allow them to cross the border.

According to VATAN, as a result of the clashes, anti-aircrafts and mortar shells fell close to Turkey's southeastern Sanliurfa's Akcakale region.

Some of the dailies, also cover Turkey's new strategy to secure accession to the European Union.

Turkish EU Minister Volkan Bozkir announced the 'tripod' new strategy, consisting of the continuation of the reforms, adaptation to the EU union acquis until 2019 and strong communication with EU.

Daily YENI SAFAK quotes Bozkir during his Brussels visit; "Everybody is waiting for the new Turkey in excitement and EU has already perceived our strong messages." The daily added that the 'tripod strategy' would also enlarge the political arena of Turkey with its new constitution, which is still being prepared.

'Three step plan for EU excitement,' daily AKSAM headlined, saying that the first step of the new strategy will include to get the support of the civil society to the reforms.

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