Turkish dailies on Wednesday covered the repercussions of the Russian offer , the visit of Turkey's main opposition party CHP to Egypt's military backed government, and protests in many Turkish cities over the death of a protestor


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Turkish dailies covered on Wednesday the repercussions of the Russian proposal to persuade the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to give up its stockpile of chemical weapons and to submit them to international inspection.

Daily HURRIYET headlined "Assad used the opportunity," publishing that Assad immediately evaluated the opportunity upon the request of Russia and that the offer received international support which would prevent potential bloodshed in the region. Daily SABAH titled "Putin's break into retaliation," saying the Russian move to have Syria submit its weapons stopped the US preparation for retaliation and otuo President Barack Obama found the offer as positive. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate decided to postpone the procedural vote which would be held on Wednesday in regards to retaliation and France prepared a draft resolution which included the delivery of ammunitions which would be presented to the UN Security Council, according to the daily.

Daily BUGUN titled "Diplomacy war instead of missiles," publishing that the Russian offer received support from China, Iran and the Arab League, while the US, Europe and Turkey expressed skepticism. The spokesperson of Russian President Viladimir Putin said the offer was on the agenda during the G20 Summit and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated "Assad is gaining time," said the daily.

Turkish dailies on Wednesday covered the visit of the Republican People's Party (CHP), Turkey's main opposition party, to Egypt's military backed government. The delegation who are in Egypt will also meet with members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Daily HURRIYET headlined "CHP committee to meet Muslim Brotherhood," saying the committee would have a surprise meeting with two of the key names of the movement and interim ministers Ali Bishr and Amr Darrag during a breakfast. The delegation also met with Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy from the military-backed government and told the minister, "Do not punish the businessmen when you are angry with the government," said the daily. It also added that the delegation was in Egypt to transmit the Turkish people's messages of solidarity, friendship and fraternity.

Turkish dailies on Wednesday covered the protests in many cities across Turkey over the death of protester Ahmet Atakan (22), who died on September 10, 2013 in the Antakya district of southern Hatay province during a demonstration held in protest of the police's handling of demonstrations at Ankara's Middle East Technical University (ODTU).

Daily BUGUN headlined "Death again at a protest," publishing that police intervened in demonstrations which were held in Hatay in protest of road construction at ODTU, and the protestors reacted with stones and sticks. Ahmet Atakan died during the protest. Atakan's family claimed that a gas canister killed him whereas official authorities released the cause of dead as being blunt bodily trauma from falling off a tall structure, according to the daily which added that footage was available of the youth falling from the height and that a forensic report said the cause was "body trauma."

Daily HURRIYET's title was "Demonstration for Ahmet," saying that demonstrations were held in many cities for Ahmet Atakan who lost his life during the protests in Hatay. The police intervened in the demonstrations with tear gas and pressurized water so as to disperse the groups. Witnesses claimed he was killed by a gas canister, whereas video footage of a man said to be Atakan falling from a building was released, noted the daily.


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