Reactions on the downing of a Syrian military helicopter, a car bomb that exploded near a refugee camp, murder of a Turkish Air Force general’s son and the defeat of Galatasaray FC against Spanish giants Real Madrid.


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On Wednesday, 18th of September 2013, dailies in Turkey cover the reactions on the downing of a Syrian military helicopter by Turkish Air Force, a car bomb that exploded near a refugee camp near Turkey-Syria border, murder of a Turkish Air Force general’s son in Ankara and the historic defeat of Galatasaray FC against Spanish giants Real Madrid.

“We gave the authority and Turkish Armed Forces used it” is SABAH’s front page headline that quotes Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying on the shot down Syrian military helicopter after a border violation. PM Erdogan also said that the engagement rules were enforced by Turkish army after the Syrian helicopter violated Turkish border for 2 km, ignoring numerous of warnings, according to the daily. SABAH, on the same news item reports Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told A-Haber news channel that it was a helicopter that dropped barrel bombs (barrels filled with TNT explosives) on civilians in Syrian side and no retaliation from Syria was expected as Turkey is ready for all developments.

STAR also says the helicopter was used to massacre civilians 20-30 kilometers off Turkish border and the black box (CVR device) of the MI-17 helicopter was handed over to Turkish authorities by Syrian opposition members.  

On its front page, YENI SAFAK covers an explosion that killed seven people in Syria, only 3.5 km away from Reyhanli, Turkey. The powerful car bomb explosion destroyed 15 vehicles near a refugee camp and the smoke rising from the fire that started after the detonation was observed from Turkey side of the border.

MILLIYET says the same explosion that took place 100 meters away from Bab-al Hawa refugee camp wounded 20 people.

MILLIYET also covers the murders of Goktug Demirarslan and his girlfriend Elena Radchikova in Ankara. The daily says Goktug Demirarslan was an engineer working for TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and also the son of General Hasan Huseyin Demirarslan, Turkish Air Force Personnel Department Head.

HURRIYET says on the same news item on its front page that Goktug Demirarslan, 24, and Russian national of Uzbek descent, Elena Radiskova, 23, were killed by an unidentified individual who is thought to be between 25 and 30 years of age trapped the couple in front of their home just before midnight and gunned them down from close distance, before speeding off the scene in an old car. It also says the police have launched an investigation into the murders.

On dailies' sports pages, Turkey's Galatasaray’s historic defeat in Champions League Group B was widely covered.

On a 1-6 defeat by Spain's Real Madrid, SABAH says “Real Madrid gave a lesson of football to the Lions (Galatasaray)”, STAR uses the headline “Disaster at Arena” and HURRIYET says the defeat was “Like a Nightmare”. HURRIYET reports that Ronaldo’s hat-trick, Benzema’s two goals and Isco’s goal gave Galatasaray one of the worst defeats in club’s history: 1-6.


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