Turkish dailies covered echoes of a pitch invasion during the derby, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's remarks related to United Nations, Merkel's election victory, death of a pregnant Turkish wowan killed in Kenya and Egyptian court's decision on prohibition of Muslim Brotherhood's activities


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On Tuesday, Turkish dailies covered echoes of a pitch invasion during the Besiktas vs Galatasaray match. 

Daily AKSAM headlined "Plot at the stadium", publishing a sports prosecutor's report about the background of the incidents occurring at the stadium, adding there existed serious intelligence data about undermining the game. According to the report, among those who entered the pitch were people took part in Gezi Park protests. Daily YENISAFAK's title was "Planned invaders" to say that four sports prosecutors commenced investigations about the incidents and alleged that groups acted in a planned way. The offensive fans broke three doors and eight ticket turnstiles, said the daily.

Turkish dailies covered Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks related to United Nations (UN).  

HABERTURK titled "What does UN serve?" publishing Turkish PM Erdogan's remarks about the UN and quoting him as saying that "In Syria, 1,700 people, 400 of whom were children were killed by chemical attacks. UN Security Council has not agreed on a resolution yet, what does UN serve? A different world is possible."

Turkish dailies also covered German Chancellor Merkel's election victory on Tuesday mostly also focusing on the newly elected 11 Bundestag members of Turkish descent. 

HURRIYET headlined "Record with 11 MPs",  saying that Angela Merkel lost the chance of being the only power in the parliament, however reached a victory with the 42% of votes. In addition.  

Almost all Turkish dailies also covered news on the death of a Turkish woman killed during the assault in Nairobi's mall in Kenya. 

SABAH titled "Turkish victim of mall assault" and reported that a Turkish woman, Elif Yavuz, who was pregnant and her husband Ross Langdon were killed during the assault committed by Al Qaeda militants in Kenya. Yavuz, a doctor working for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Kenya and her husband were working for a peaceful world according to Daily Telegraph, said the daily.

Dailiies also covered Egyptian court's decision on prohibition of Muslim Brotherhood's activities. Daily TARAF's title was "Muslim Brotherhood shut down" saying Egyptian court prohibited all activities of the organization (Ikhwan) in Egypt, cancelled its license of being a non-governmental organization and seized its all assets.

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