Wednesday’s newspapers cover Turkish president’s remarks on PKK plus Volkswagen's recall of 11mn cars


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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks on the PKK were covered by many newspapers on Wednesday.

STAR ran the front-page headline: “You [PKK and supporters of the terrorist organization] do not belong to this nation,” citing Erdogan.

Addressing village leaders in Ankara on Tuesday, Erdogan said: "Those who attack our country's benefits and aim at its unity and integrity do not belong to this nation, whatever title they have, even if they are in the parliament," he noted.

He also said the terrorist organization is not only "an enemy" of the country but also of "Kurdish brothers," adding that it wanted to make Turkish and Kurdish people enemies of each other.

Over Erdogan’s remarks, HABERTURK’s headline read: “PKK is abducting [people in eastern Turkey].”

“Are my brothers from Cizre [eastern Turkish district] escaping from Cizre? Yes, they are. Are the others in Nusaybin escaping? Yes, they are. Why? Because there is no tranquility there. Who is making them escape? They [the PKK] are," he added.

MILLIYET also covered the president’s remarks with a headline reading: “We should be united.”

“If the country is in question, then 78 million [people], all together, should band together, by leaving aside all the differences,” Erdogan said in Tuesday's speech.

In other news, German carmaker Volkswagen Group’s recall of millions of vehicles worldwide also made headlines in Turkey.

MILLIYET ran the headline: “VW is recalling 11 million diesel cars,” while HURRIYET wrote: “11 million cars will be repaired at $6.5 billion.”

Volkswagen on Tuesday released an action plan to address the scandal and promised that it will “correct the emissions characteristics of diesel vehicles” in which illegal software was used to cheat emission tests.

Over the subject, YENISAFAK’s headline read: “Observation into VW.”

The newspaper wrote: "If the Turkish industry ministry ascertains any irregularity about emissions, Turkey will also make a decision about the automotive giant."

In other news, MILLIYET’s front page headline referenced the case of drowned refugee toddler Aylan Kurdi, reading: “Aylans are studying.”

In a feature story, the daily wrote: “Some of the hundreds of Syrian children [who have started school in Istanbul] have become happy for the first time for months.”

In economic news, DUNYA’s headline read: “There is an invitation to Gaza’s reconstruction fair.”

The newspaper reported that Palestine was expecting a high level of participation from Turkey at an event to be held in Amman, Jordan on Feb.18-26 next year.

As part of the reconstruction of Gaza City, the paper said, around 90,000 new buildings are needed, according to official figures.



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