13 ISIL killed in Syria's Al-Bab: Turkish military

2 Syrian opposition fighters have also been killed in clashes

13 ISIL killed in Syria's Al-Bab: Turkish military

World Bulletin / News Desk

Fifteen people, including 13 ISIL extremists and two Syrian opposition fighters were killed during clashes in Syria’s Al-Bab on Monday, the Turkish military said in a statement Tuesday.

An opposition fighter was also wounded.

According to the Turkish Armed Forces, Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army also hit 158 ISIL targets, including shelters, command-and-control centers and vehicles.

Operation Euphrates Shield began in late August to rid Syria's northern border area of extremists. Tuesday marks the 126th day of the operation.

In total, 42 landmines and 2,387 improvised explosives have been defused since the start of the operation on Aug. 24.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 27 Aralık 2016, 12:04