3 killed in Tripoli clashes

3 people were killed in Libya's capital while other clashes between locals and Misrata militiamen broke out in the nearby Wadi al-Rabie neighborhood.

3 killed in Tripoli clashes

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Three Libyans were killed on Monday in fresh clashes between armed locals from Tripoli and militiamen, eyewitnesses said.

Monday's clashes came hard on the heels of weekend violence that saw scores of anti-militia protesters killed in street fighting with militiamen from Misrata. The latter had taken up residence in the capital during the popular uprising that led to the downfall of the Muammar Gaddafi regime in 2012.

Tripoli residents have repeatedly protested the militias' presence in the capital. The militias have mainly controlled southern Tripoli's Gharghour neighborhood, where Gaddafi regime officials used to have their luxury residences and palaces.

The Misrata Municipal Council on Sunday announced that it would pull all armed militias from Tripoli within 72 hours.

On Monday, the government said units from the Libyan army had been deployed in Tripoli to secure the city and restore order.

According to eyewitnesses, three people were killed when locals in Tripoli's eastern Salah al-Din neighborhood clashed with Misrata militiamen based in a house that had been owned by an ex-Gaddafi regime official.

Other clashes between locals and Misrata militiamen broke out in the nearby Wadi al-Rabie neighborhood.

The militiamen were earlier reported to have stormed Libyan military command headquarters in Tripoli.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses said locals from Misrata had stormed a militia office in the city. Some casualties were reported.

Libyans have struggled to restore law and order to their country since the death two years ago of longstanding strongman Muammar Gaddafi.

The transitional government and its security forces, meanwhile, have struggled to contain the armed militias that helped overthrow Gaddafi but which held onto their weapons after the 2011 uprising.

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