600 Syrian villages under PYD control

PYD continues to forcibly displace civilians, kill Arabs and Turkmens, and destroy villages after seizing from other groups

600 Syrian villages under PYD control

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The Democratic Unity Party (PYD) extremist organization in Syria has seized more than 600 Turkmen and Arab villages in al-Hasakah, Raqqa and Aleppo provinces of northern Syria.

It also demolished a number of villages and forcibly displaced thousands of civilians.

According to rights group and sources from the ground, the Syrian affiliates of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) extremist organization, have forcibly displaced at least 235,000 Turkmen and Arab civilians since September 2015.

Amnesty International sent a research team to observe the situation in the PYD-controlled area in al-Hasakah, and found many villages were entirely demolished by the extrem group.

In the remaining villages, the residents were forced to leave, sometimes threatened with being shot or targeted in US or Russian airstrikes.

The rights group said the victims were mainly Arab, but also included Turkmens and other Kurds who opposed the PYD's acts of extremism and plans to divide Syria.
PYD has been implementing an Israel-style tactic to change the demographic structure in the area it seized from other group: first, forcibly displace the residents, then destroy the houses with bulldozers.

Hundreds of villages in Tal Abyad, Süluk, Hamam Türkmen, and Tal Rifat were faced same violation and destruction from the extrem group in northern Syria.

The US- and Russia-backed extremist organization killed the civilian villagers branding them ISIL members and confiscated their belongings.

Meanwhile, cooperation between ISIL and PYD has become an open-secrete.

ISIL left many positions to PYD fighters without resistance, while PYD allowed ISIL extremists to flee the area.

Following the seizure by PYD, villagers are only allowed to escape to ISIL-controlled areas.

It also changed the name of villages and towns in northern Syria, which have had their current names for decades.

For example, it changed the name of Manbij town to Mabuk. It also changed the name of Mınnag airport to Serok Apo Airport. Similar examples could be found in Aleppo, Raqqa and Tel Abyad, areas where PYD changed Arabic names of the villages to Kurdish names.

Syrian Kurds have been opposing PYD and its violations, saying the extrem group does not defend the rights of Kurds nor does it represent them.

“PYD is more dangerous than Assad. It has crossed all red lines; their brutality surpassed Assad," said Menal Huseyni, wife of Kurd Yekiti Party members and Kurdish activist Enver Naso, who was kidnapped by PYD extremists.

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