8 Egypt seaports suspend operations due to bad weather

Egyptian meteorological authorities warn of 'unstable' weather for next 48 hours

8 Egypt seaports suspend operations due to bad weather

World Bulletin / News Desk

Severe weather conditions have led to the closure of eight Egyptian seaports and the disruption of traffic across the country, according to local media reports.

Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh, Port Said, Alexandria, Dekhela, Al-Brollos, Damietta, Suez and Al-Zeiteiyat seaports have all reportedly been closed to navigation -- indefinitely -- due to bad weather, including heavy rainfall and strong winds.

In a televised statement late Thursday, Ahmed Abdel-Aal, head of Egypt’s official meteorological agency, warned of “unstable” weather conditions for the next 48 hours.

Egypt’s North Coast and parts of the Sinai Peninsula -- along with capital Cairo -- have all been battered by harsh weather, Abdel-Aal said, warning Egyptian fishermen to temporarily suspend their activities in the Mediterranean and Red Sea.

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