Ahmed Shafiq nominates Sami Anan for Egypt presidency

Egypt's Ahmad Shafiq, the former right hand man of Hosni Mubarak, has demonstrated his support for former chief of staff Sami Anan for Egypt's upcoming post-coup elections.

Ahmed Shafiq nominates Sami Anan for Egypt presidency

World Bulletin / News Desk

Egypt's former presidential candidate and rival of the ousted president Mohamed Morsi, Ahmad Shafiq, has re-emerged after a period of silence and offered his support to Morsi's deposed chief of staff General Sami Anan.

Egypt's al Youm 7 newspaper revealed Shafiq's change of heart, after the former supporter of coup coordinator General Abdel Fattah al–Sisi switched his support to Anan. This may be a snag for Sisi's presidential bid as it is an indication that the military is preparing to rally around Anan.

Shafiq, a remnant of the former regime of Hosni Mubarah, who stepped down during Egypt's January 2011 revolution, entered the presidential race as Morsi's main opponent in the 2012 elections. Many people have claimed that the main factor behind Morsi's 2012 election was not that the people loved him, but rather the fact that they didn't want to see the continuation of the Mubarak regime via his right hand man Shafiq.

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