Aleppo evacuation routes deserted despite ceasefire

Syrian state media and Russia's defence ministry said rebels fired rockets at one of the eight passages open for civilians and rebels.

Aleppo evacuation routes deserted despite ceasefire

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Opposition fighters fired rockets at an evacuation route in Syria's Aleppo Friday and there was no sign of civilians or rebels leaving besieged neighbourhoods as a Russian-declared unilateral ceasefire took effect.

Half-way through the 10-hour ceasefire, correspondents in Aleppo said no one had used any of the passages Moscow said were open.

Damascus ally Russia said the 10-hour "humanitarian pause" was an attempt to "prevent senseless casualties."

But a similar, three-day pause last month ended with only a handful of people leaving besieged eastern areas.

Once Syria's economic powerhouse, Aleppo has been devastated by fighting since the rebels seized the east of the city in 2012, turning its historic heart into a battlefield.

The army cut the last supply route into rebel-held territory in July, leaving more than 250,000 civilians still living there without access to basic goods.

The rebels launched a bid to break the siege last week, which they stepped up on Thursday before the ceasefire began.

After several hours of quiet overnight, correspondents in east and west Aleppo on Friday reported fighting and Syrian air strikes on the city's western outskirts.



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