Algeria proposed cease-fire initiative in Yemen

Requesting anonymity, the diplomat told The Anadolu Agency that Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra presented the initiative on Thursday during an Arab foreign ministers meeting in Egypt's resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Algeria proposed cease-fire initiative in Yemen

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 Algeria has presented to both Saudi Arabia and Egypt an initiative for cease-fire in Yemen, an Algerian diplomat said Saturday.

He added that the initiative consisted of three points, noting that Algeria had only wanted to get approval from both Egypt and Saudi Arabia in order to start convincing Yemen's Shiite Houthi group to agree to the cease-fire.

The initiative called for the withdrawal of the Houthis from Yemeni capital Sanaa and the return of Yemen's dissolved parliament, the diplomat said.

He added that the initiative also called for giving security assurances to the Houthis and their allies in Yemen

Saudi Arabia asked, however, for amending the initiative in a way that could open the door for the deployment of Arab troops in Sanaa, the diplomat said.

"But this request could sabotage the initiative altogether," the diplomat added.

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