Anti-coup resistance continues in Egypt

Anti-coup activists collect citizens' signatures supporting Morsi's reinstatement and invalidating the "coup."

Anti-coup resistance continues in Egypt

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Anti-coup demonstrations and marches kicked off across Egypt on Friday to denounce the army's July 3 ouster of elected president Mohamed Morsi – a move Morsi's supporters describe as an illegitimate "military coup."

Friday's protests – launched under the banner "Suez steadfastness; our way to Jerusalem" – were called for by the National Alliance for the Defense of Legitimacy, a coalition of anti-coup parties and groups that demand Morsi's reinstatement.

According to the alliance, the protests aim to draw inspiration from the local residents of Suez who stopped Israeli forces from entering the city on October 24, 1973 – a date commemorated every year as the canal province's national day.

During the demonstrations, the activists collected citizens' signatures in support of Morsi's reinstatement and invalidating the "coup" against Egypt's first freely elected president.

Several marches were staged in capital Cairo, with one setting out towards Rabaa al-Adawiya Square, the site of a six-week pro-democracy sit-in that was brutally dispersed by security forces in mid-August.

Similar protests were seen in the provinces of Giza, Daqahliya and Minya.

Clashes reportedly erupted between pro- and anti-Morsi demonstrators in Daqahliya's town of Talkha, which were eventually broken up by security forces.

Morsi was removed from power by Egypt's military establishment this summer after massive, well-coordinated protests against his presidency that began on June 30.

The unconstitutional change of government is described by the ousted president's backers as a military coup, while supporters of the move call it a military-backed "popular uprising."


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Elwi Helal
Elwi Helal - 6 yıl Before

Why you insist that what we have in Egypt is a coup we have a revolution if u considered the millions of Egyptian who marched all over Egypt of June 30th asking Morsi to leave is a coup ok we have a coup then and those who follow Muslim brother in their prepaid administrations are anti coup we can understand that like here prepaid published news Financial time news refused such prepaid news