Assad said to be hiring N. Korean pilots

A news source has claimed that the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is bringing in pilots from North Korea.

Assad said to be hiring N. Korean pilots

World Bulletin / News Desk

Reports have claimed that the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has brought in 15 helicopter pilots from North Korea, in fear that his own pilots may default.

The reports come from the Al Durar news website, a source that works closely with the rebels.  It claims that 15 North Korean helicopter pilots were brought into the country out of the fear that regime pilots may default to neighboring countries.

In the past, news also spread of Syrian fighter jet pilots defaulting to Jordan with their planes, but these reports were never confirmed.

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Maria Engström
Maria Engström - 6 yıl Before

Pathetic Zionist propaganda! Made up "News"... You ZioNazis have to try better... God Bless Syria al-Assad!