Balances in Iraq being reshaped

The balance in northern Iraq is being re-established! When tensions are being experienced between the PYD, the extension of the PKK in Syria, and the PKK and Barzani are becoming closer...

Balances in Iraq being reshaped

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There are important movements between the groups in northern Iraq as of late. The tension between Barzani and groups close to the PKK in northern Syria have reflected onto the media. The PYD, known to be close to the PKK, has been distanced from Barzani for a while, and the tension between the two sides culminated on Sunday when Barzani closed the border to the other side. On Monday there was news that some groups close to the PKK joined Jalal Talabani's party.

PKK'ya mensup 214 kişinin/ Irak Cumhurbaşkanı Celal Talabani'nin partisi Kürdistan Yurtseverler Partisi'ne (Yekîtîya Niştimanîya Kurdistan-YNK)/ geçtiği iddia edildi.

It is alleged that 214 people belonging to the PKK switched to Iraqi President Jalal Talabani's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

The rojevakurd's web site broadcasting in Northern Iraq reported that a group of PKK members joined the ranks of the PUK to conduct their efforts independently. The report said that after the PUK called on Kurds to 'unite,' 214 PKK members joined the ranks of the PUK.

The report indicated that PUK official Mele Bextiyar extended an official invitation to the PKK members.


After the PYD (the Syrian extension of the PKK) refused to release 75 detained Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party members close to Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani, Barzani ordered that the Syrian-Iraqi border be closed. Under Barzani’s instruction, some Peshmerga Army special troops were dispatched to Syria’s Derik border.

75 members of the “Partîya Demokrat a Kurdî li Surîye” (Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party), known for its proximity to Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani, were taken into custody by the PYD in the Derik region of Syria.

On Friday and Saturday, Kurds from the opposition took to the streets to protest the PYD’s alleged persecution of them in the name of al-Assad.  A large number of Kurdish opposition parties and politicians, including the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria, supported the protests.

During the march, groups condemning of mostly youths condemned Assad and demanded the release of Kurdish youth which the  PYD has been holding captive for months with the regime’s support.

They expressed that, just as they did not bow down to a dictator like Assad, they would not bow down to organizations like the PYD. A day after these incidents, the PYD detained 75 people crossing the border.

As a result, the Regional Government in northern Iraq gave the PYD a deadline until the evening to release the detained persons. After the PYD did not release the detained person held at an undisclosed location, Kurdish regional administration in closed the northern Iraq border to the PYD (PKK).


PYD leader Salih Muslim stated that the EU model, rather than that of the Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq, has more appropriate for Syrian Kurds.

According to Rudaw news broadcasting in Kurdish, PYD leader Muslim spoke at London, saying that the Kurds of Syria, Iran and Iraq could establish a democratic confederation in the Middle East, and then border changes would not be necessary.

Muslim stated that Syria’s Kurds do not want Barzani to be involved in their internal affairs. 

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