Barrel bombs claim 517 civilian lives in Syria

Barrel bombs have claimed 517 civilian lives in Syria since December 15, a human right watchdogs says.

Barrel bombs claim 517 civilian lives in Syria

World Bulletin / News Desk

At least 517 civilians including 151 children and 46 women have been killed by barrel bombs that Syrian regime air forces dropped on opposition-controlled areas in Aleppo, Syria, since December 15, said London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Meanwhile, Syrian regime forces killed 50 in Aleppo, 15 in Homs, 16 in the suburbs of capital Damascus, seven in Hama, three each in Daraa and Deir-ez Zor, two each in Rakka and Idlib, and one in Latakia in air and land offensives across the country, according to the latest statement by the Syrian Network of Human Rights (SNHR), a London-based group which tracks civilian and dissident casualties.

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