Body of starved man carried on pushcart in Yarmouk

Photographs of the body of a Palestinian refugee in Syria, who starved to death in the besieged refugee camp in Yarmouk, being carried on a pushcart, has been released on the internet.

Body of starved man carried on pushcart in Yarmouk
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The body of Palestinian man, identified as Mohamed Said Ibrahimi Carcugh, who died of hunger on Monday, is shown being carried on a pushcart, in photographs shared in the internet.

The photographs reveal the extent of the tragedy of conditions at the camp.

The word "ambulance" on the Palestinian flag in front of the pushcart is a heartbreaking symbol of the camp's inadequate resources. 

The Syrian Revolution General Coalition (SRGC) confirmed in a statement that 82 Palestinian refugees died of hunger at the camp in the past year.   

The photographs of five Palestinians who died of hunger at the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Syria, was revealed by Turkey's state-run Anadolu Agency.

The photographs show that the bodies of those who lost their lives laid out on stretchers in the camp's square while funeral prayers are performed.

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