Civilians in Afrin expose PYD/PKK's smear campaign

Witnesses say terrorists use civilians as human shields, open fire on others fleeing and burn hospital

Civilians in Afrin expose PYD/PKK's smear campaign

World Bulletin / News Desk

The civilians in northwestern Syria on Saturday exposed the smear campaign launched by the PYD/PKK terrorist group.

Recently, the terrorist group, as part of their smear campaign against Turkey, claimed a hospital in Afrin region was hit by the Turkish army.

The Turkish military released footage of an undamaged building of the hospital on Saturday, refuting the smear campaign by the terrorists.

The one-minute video, which was shot at 9.43 a.m. local time (0643GMT) on Saturday, shows the hospital building is in good shape.

The civilians, who managed to reach the regions liberated from the terrorists, exposed the lies of PYD/PKK and said the terrorists were using civilians as human shields.

Ahmed Abdo, who left the city center together with his family on Saturday, said the terrorists continued to open fire on civilians who were trying to flee Afrin.

“We already left yesterday [Friday] but they [terrorists] stopped everyone at the checkpoint, it was crowded, they do not allow anyone to leave,” he said.

Abdo said that the terrorists did not hesitate to attack and kill civilians. “They [terrorists] fired two rockets into the crowd. A large number of civilians died or got injured.”

Abdo said that the PYD/PKK was also burning down hospitals.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 18 Mart 2018, 10:32