Clown who brought joy to Syria's children killed in air strike

A social worker who dressed as a clown to entertain children in Aleppo was killed Tuesday in an air strike on the Syrian city.

Clown who brought joy to Syria's children killed in air strike

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A social worker who dressed up as a clown to cheer up traumatised and hopeless children in war-ravaged Aleppo is believed to have been killed in an airstrike.

Anas al-Basha, 24, refused to leave the besieged Syrian city with his parents - and tens of thousands of others - when the government advanced on rebels in the east last summer.

And he continued to don his bright make-up, orange wig and flowery yellow hat to entertain local kids during the fiercest bombing raids since the Syrian Civil War began.

He was killed on Tuesday in a presumed Russian or government missile strike on the Mashhad neighborhood in the besieged, eastern side of the city. His brother posted a touching message on Facebook regarding his brother.

In a now largely bombed-out enclave, Space for Hope supports 12 schools and four psycho-social support centers in eastern Aleppo, providing counseling and financial support for 365 children who have lost one or both parents. Many of the staff of 34 learned social work on the job as the country's five-year civil war unfolded. 

Anas's parents left the city before the government sealed its siege of the rebel-held eastern districts last summer. He chose to stay on, and had his salary sent to where they were taking refuge in the countryside.

Anas is survived by his wife, who remains trapped in Aleppo. They married two months ago.



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