Criticizm of Israel lands IDF soldier in prison

The IDF has been quick to sentence one of their own soldiers for taking part in a Deutsche Welle programme that debated whether the occupation of Palestine was destroying Israel.

Criticizm of Israel lands IDF soldier in prison

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An Australian Israeli IDF soldier Corporal Shachar Berrin, has been sentenced to one weeks prison in Israel for criticizing Israel's position in occupying Palestine.

A debate called the "The New Arab Debates” – part of program of the German television network Deutsche Welle that’s broadcast around the world - was held in Jerusalem.

In an article in Haaretz, it was told that IDF soldier Shachar Berrin was sentenced to a week in prison after he attended the taping of an international TV program, during which he stood up and expressed his opinion of the occupation. An Israeli settler activist, Dani Dayan,  a speaker who stated that Israel was a country where people were 11th place in the World Happiness Report, Berrin replied saying how could it be, "When soldiers are conditioned and persuaded on a daily basis to subjugate and humiliate people and consider other human beings as less than human, I think that seeps in, and I think that when the soldiers go home… they bring that back with them....and that it deeply affects Israeli society and causes it, as our president says, to be more racist.”

After being accused of lying by members of the audience, in less than 12 hours and even before the programme was broadcast, the soldier was tried and convicted with his  battalion commander sentencing him to a week in prison.

In seeking a request for comment by the IDF, the Spokesperson’s Unit stated this week: “The soldier was tried for expressing himself in the media without authority or permission, as called for by army orders.”

The entire incident showed the rapid response of the IDF when it came to the criticizim of Israel's illegal occupation and the treatment of Palestinians, yet at the same time any the death of a Palestinian child leads to an investigation and court case, delayed for months if not years.

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