Egypt to hold constitutional referendum on Jan. 14-15

Egyptians will vote on a new constitution on Jan. 14 and 15, a treaty designed to replace one passed by ousted President Mohamed Mursi.

Egypt to hold constitutional referendum on Jan. 14-15

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Egypt's interim president Adly Mansour on Saturday invited Egyptian voters to cast ballot in a public referendum on January 14 and 15 on a revised version of the country's 2012 constitution.

"This is a constitution that embodies hopes and aspirations of the people of Egypt," Mansour said in a speech on state television.

"It is the fruit of the knowledge of a select group of Egypt's experts," he added.

Amending the 2012 constitution is the first step in a political roadmap imposed by the military following the July 3 ouster of elected president Mohamed Morsi.

The transitional plan includes parliamentary and parliamentary elections.

It would strengthen the army's independence and put more restrictions on the formation of religious political parties.

About 50 million Egyptians of the population of 85 million have the right to vote in the constitutional referendum.

A 50-member assembly named by interim President Adly Mansour earlier this month finalised the draft of the new constitution. It would replace one passed in a vote last December by Morsi, ousted by the army in July following protests against his rule.

The constituent committee was dominated by liberals and leftists and chaired by Amr Moussa, a former Arab League secretary general and candidate for the presidency. It included two Salafists, who had both backed the army's move against Morsi.

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