EgyptAir 'could have been downed by meteor'

A shock new theory has emerged on the EgyptAir Flight MS804 air disaster claiming it could have been caused by a meteor

EgyptAir 'could have been downed by meteor'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Egyptian authorities day by day are being even more reserved regarding the information about the disappearance and consequent crash of EgyptAir plane.

However, a new interesting speculation has come over from the British newspaper Daily Mirror.

The daily said EgyptAir Flight MS804 could have been blown out of the sky by a meteor and that it could be the true cause of the air disaster.

According to the British newspaper, a huge rock meteor weighing about 10,000 tonnes hit the Earth's atmosphere and dropped with a high speed of 67,000 km/hour.

The meteor's parts were distributed all over the world, in places such as Argentina, Greenland, Australia and the Middle East.

Russia was the first country to warn about a meteor that would penetrate the atmosphere and that could put the air traffic at risk.

There is no official statement from the Egyptian authorities regarding the shock new theory. The country's officials still lean towards the theory that an onboard explosion caused the plane to crash.

EgyptAir Flight MS804 crashed over the Mediterranean sea in the early hours of Thursday morning. The crash caused the death of all 66 passenger traveling from Paris to Cairo.

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