Ex-British PM Blair to advise Egypt's Sisi

Reports claim that Tony Blair will be advising Abdal-Fattah al-Sisi on economic reform.

Ex-British PM Blair to advise Egypt's Sisi

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Tony Blair is to advise Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi according to reports from British newspaper the Guardian.

The Guardian claimed the former Prime Minister of the UK, would be advising as part of a programme funded by the United Arab Emirates.

Tony Blair, is now the Middle East peace envoy, will give Sisi advice on economic reform. However, Blair’s spokesman told the Guardian that Blair would not be a formal advisor and “He is giving advice, he will have meetings, that's all.” Sisi came to power after a military coup that saw democratically elected President Morsi removed from power. Since Morsi's removal there has been a violent crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters.

The Guardian suggested that Blair’s involvement was because of “lucrative business opportunities”.

The UAE taskforce is being run by the management consultancy Strategy&. Blair, since leaving office has gained a number of consultancy contracts with governments, including Kazakhstan, Kuwait, the UAE and Colombia.

There was a call last week, from former British ambassadors and public figures, for Blair to be sacked as Middle East envoy. They said that his role as envoy had been “negligible” and referenced his support for military intervention in Iraq, Syria and his business dealings in the Middle East.

However, the office of Tony Blair rejected the claims made by the paper as “nonsense”. In a statement, Tony Blair’s office said, “This is nothing to do with ‘business opportunities’ and we have absolutely no idea what correspondence the Guardian is referring to.”

In a short but direct statement Blair’s office said, “Neither Tony Blair, nor any of his organisations have any commercial interest in Egypt, nor are they seeking business in Egypt, nor have they ever discussed doing business in Egypt. This is simply incorrect.

“What is true and we have made categorically clear is that there is no commercial interest in, and absolutely no intention to make money from, Egypt.”

Tony Blair was Prime Minster of the UK from 1997 to 2007. He was responsible for taking the UK, behind the U.S., into the Iraq war and an outspoken supporter of the US war on terror.  

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