Former SNC leader calls for unity to Hezbollah

Mouaz Al-Khatib said the ummah should be taken out of the sectarian strife, warning a sectarian clash would last decades.

Former SNC leader calls for unity to Hezbollah

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Former President of the Syrian National Coalition Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib Al-Hassani warned Hezbollah about a sectarian clash that would last decades.      

In his message to Hassan Nasrallah, General Secretary of Hezbollah, via his social media account Khatib said "It was no secret to you that the region was being drawn into a crises maybe none will be saved from, and that there was an effort towards the fragmentation of the region and the commencement of a terrifying sectarian conflict that would last for tens of years".      

Khatib said he does not believe in war, and consider it as a degradation of humanity, and that understanding one another was the only way to solve problems between individuals and between societies. He added nations should not be deceived by their power and might, reminding that how many great empires was dismantled and destroyed because of their conceit.      

"Over one thousand years of Sunni-Shia strife and disputes not been enough for us to bury this rigid mentality and to leave behind these illusions of victory over one another" said Khatib. Reminding Nasrallah that the Syrian people opened their homes and their hearts for the Lebanese resistance in the July war (2006) despite some creed differences, because they were certain they were blocking an attack from an aggressive enemy and even the flags of Hezbollah were raised in their streets, Syrian people gave from their daily earnings and bread to their Lebanese brothers and sisters Khatib asked Nasrallah that whether "Was this (invasion of Syria) the gift that they give as a reward to those generous and charitable people".      

He stated that the invasion of Hezbollah into Syria has complicated matters greatly and said "While I had expected from someone with your political and social weight to have personally become a positive factor in the cessation of the shedding of Syrian blood. Is it satisfying to you that the Syrian regime shells it citizens with fighter planes and Scud missiles; mixing the blood and flesh of children with the bread; is it pleasing to you that thousands of women have been raped- As well as the killing of hundreds of children and them being tortured to death- Is it acceptable to you that the Syrian people have lived under tyrant rule for fifty years, and when they stood up and asked for their freedom many world forces intervened and they were punished with the complete destruction of their infrastructure, the uprooting of their communities, becoming displaced and exiled, and the mass murdering of them, putting them into a frightening spiralling plot which they cannot escape from, that was made into a reality by the regime. Is the prophet's households' doctrine the upholding and the defence of truth, or to defend a tyrant and reckless regime- And in this case it is the Syrian people who resemble the oppressed and martyred Imam Al Hussain, and it is none other than the violent regime who is the murdering offender".      

Criticizing the statements of Hezbollah that they were protecting Shia towns, Khatib said the alleged claim of the defence of Shia towns in Syria is unacceptable and confuse the ummah. He than asked why Hezbollah fight in Darya and Qaboun, which are at the sides of Damascus, and were not Shia towns.      

Khatib stated that there was a massive plot to drag the whole world of Islam into a Sunni-Shia war beginning from Syria, then to Lebanon and then to the rest of the region including Iran and Turkey in order to destroy the region, and to consume completely the money in the Gulf states in order to fund this massive war and the purchasing of weapons to fuel this war in which there will be no victor.      

He said politicians who are not aware of major threats surrounding their countries have contributed massively to all of the world wars.      

Khatib demanded Nasrallah to withdraw all Hezbollah troops from Syria, and to begin communicating with the revolutionists in all Shia villages to secure the safety for all.      

He said "Let us be concerned about one thing only-that we do not lose our humanity-"  



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