FSA produce their own howitzer and bullets

FSA's "Engineering Brigade" produce their own howitzer and bullets.

FSA produce their own howitzer and bullets

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"Engineering Brigade" of Syrian Free Army (FSA) make howitzer and bullets for those who fight against the regime forces.

Syrian opponents who have been fighting against the Assad forces for 22 months long, struggle finding arms, so they started to produce their own.

Abu Huraire from FSA's "Engineering Brigade", makes howitzer and bullets in Aleppo's outskirts, he said AA that despite limited resources opponents make their own arms.

Huraire stressed, "Before, we even did not know how to use guns. However, in current situation, we had to start producing our own."

He added, they send many bullets and howitzers to the units countrywide and in order to strengthen these when firing, he said they add extra gun power into pump action shotgun ball cartridges.

He noted, in order to fight against Damascus government which got stocks from Russia, they had to make their own firearms.



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