Geneva II mediator Brahimi: No agreement on Homs

United Nations and Arab League Special Envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi has said the regime and the opposition still hasn't agreed on how to evacuate women and children from Homs.

Geneva II mediator Brahimi: No agreement on Homs

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United Nations and Arab League Special Envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi has said on Monday there is no agreement on a ceasefire or the alleviation of violence in Syria.

Despite reports on Sunday that the Syria regime will allow women and children to leave the besieged town of Homs, Brahimi said in a press conference: "there is no final agreement yet on the humanitarian situation in Homs."

Brahimi said "The humanitarian discussions haven’t produced much, unfortunately.  I told you yesterday that there was an agreement by the (Syria) Government that women and children can come out of the old city in Homs, I think they are still discussing how that should be done; I think the Government is willing to make it happen, but it’s not easy because there are snipers and there are all sorts of problems."  

He added that there is no decision to let a convoy of food and non-food items and medical supplies in at this time.

 "I am asking the two parties to consider doing something about all the areas that are surrounded on one side or the other; these people are really suffering inside.  So I am still begging, asking, that something is done about these areas, whether these areas are under siege by the Government or by the armed groups.  I am glad that there is, apparently, the will to continue these discussions. Once again, we tell you, you know, we never expected any miracle. There are no miracles here, but we will continue and see if progress can be made and when," Brahimi said.

"There are many peace processes which start negotiating a solution without the fighting coming to a stop. This would not be the first time." 

At the press conference in Geneva, following Monday's talks between the Syria regime and theSyrian National Coalition (SNC), Brahimi reported: "In the morning we discussed a paper presented by the Government, general principles, most of those principles are already in the Geneva Declaration; tomorrow we are going to talk about the Geneva Declaration itself and see if we can start a debate." 

"We had another meeting in the morning with the two parties in the same room and a meeting with each party alone with me, in the afternoon.," Brahimi said.

Brahimi stressed that all gains made at the Geneva talks are reversible.

The first phase of Geneva-II talks started on January 22 with the participation of 40 states and several international organizations.

In the second phase which started on Saturday, the delegations from the Syria regime and the SNC held direct talks under the mediation of Lakhdar Brahimi.

The opposing sides in Syria's civil war discussed humanitarian aid on Saturday during the first day of direct talks, which Brahimi called a 'good beginning'.

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