Geneva must be free from pre-conditions: Russian FM

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that the 2nd Geneva Conference, which is due in June, has to take place free from any pre-conditions.

Geneva must be free from pre-conditions: Russian FM

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In regards to efforts to end the Syrian civil war, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated on Tuesday that the 2nd Geneva International Conference on Syria due in June had to take place free from any pre-conditions.

Lavrov spoke to Russian media following his Paris meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry and stated their common opinions were about the conference taking place free from any pre-conditions.

Lavrov noted that the current situation in Syria was not satisfying anybody and he drew attentions to the fact that people were constantly dying in the country.

He said all actors would want to turn the tables within the framework of the political solution and would want to stop the bloodshed.

Sergei Lavrov reminded that the decision of the 2nd Geneva Conference on Syria was taken during Kerry's visit to Moscow on May 7 and added, "At that time, Russia and US held talks with Syrian opposition, region countries and other countries to seek for their support for the conference."

Lavrov also reminded that during the conference there will be a delegation to represent the Assad regime, and stated that the first thing that had to be completed was to define the representatives of opposition groups.

The Russian foreign minister underscored that, in the name of a solution, all actors had to do their utmost and stressed that it was not right to specify a time for the conference to be beneficial.

He highlighted Iran had to be included as one of the countries attending the conference.

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