Germany concerned over Russian airstrikes in Syria

FM Steinmeier urges Moscow to clarify targets and methods of Russian airstrikes, not to undermine efforts for a political solution

Germany concerned over Russian airstrikes in Syria

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Germany expressed concern Wednesday over Russian airstrikes in Syria, urging Moscow to clarify the targets and methods of these military operations.

“The recent news about Russian airstrikes doesn’t reduce my concerns regarding the situation in Syria,” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said at a press conference in New York.

“So far we have no solid clues about targets and methods of these airstrikes. It is in Russia's interest to provide information of its own accord and as quickly as possible,” he added, according to a release by the German Foreign Ministry.

Russian warplanes on Wednesday struck targets inside Syria for the first time, according to statements by a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Head of the Turkey-based Syrian opposition leader Khaled Khoja said 36 Syrian civilians had been killed by the Russian airstrikes which were carried out in Homs, which was free of any Daesh or Al-Qaeda presence.

Steinmeier warned that any mistake during Russian air strikes may lead to a serious danger.

“Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said this morning in New York that if we want to deescalate the situation then we should all contribute to the coordination of international efforts in fight against ISIL. The same holds true for the activities of Russia,” he said.

Steinmeier underlined that Syrian conflict cannot be solved through military means and urged Russia not to undermine recent efforts for a political solution to the conflict.

“I hope that doors for a political solution, which were laboriously opened in recent days, also with the help of talks between [U.S.] President [Barack] Obama and [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin, will not be closed now,” he said.

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