Germany suspends collaboration with Egypt

The German Foreign Affairs Ministry has announced that it has suspended cooperation with the post-coup Egyptian government.

Germany suspends collaboration with Egypt

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A spokesperson for the German Foreign Ministry announced:

"Germany has reiterated its demands to the Egyptian authorities to release President Mohammed Morsi and to stop all forms of violence. This will help calm the situation and enable a serious dialogue to start to achieve a fair reconciliation. Germany is disappointed with Egypt's interim government led by Hazem Al-Beblawi and its hard line position towards the opposition, arresting anyone with political influence. Therefore the German Foreign Ministry has decided to suspend all collaboration with Egypt's interim government."

This statement comes as a number of countries around the world continues to criticize Egypt's interim government which took effect after General Abdal Fattah as-Sisi removed the elected president Mohamed Morsi from power on July 3.

A number of human rights groups and governments have condemned the Egyptian army's use of live ammunition against peaceful protesters resulting in the death of hundreds of civilians. There have also been repeated calls for the release of Mohamed Morsi, whose detention and prosecution is believed to be for political reasons.

While non-democracies in the Middle-East, such as Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E and Kuwait continue to support the new interim government financially as well as morally, most governments across the world have criticized the post-coup government without resorting to calling it a coup for the sake of maintaining vital trade links with Egypt.

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We know what is best for our country and if you insist on dictating how we take care of our country then that is considered introgen in other people country. Do you accept that ?