Gulf countries 'subscribed' to German arms

Germany’s export of arms to the Arabian Peninsula has more than doubled since the Arab Spring

Gulf countries 'subscribed' to German arms

By Mucahid Yıldız, World Bulletin / Germany

It has been reported that the arms sales by German arms companies to the Gulf following the beginning of democratization movements in Arab countries more than doubled in 2012 in comparison to the previous year. The export of German arms to Algeria, to which the Arab Spring has not yet arrived, also significantly increased last year.

According to the numbers released following an inquiry request by the Left Party to the Federal Parliament, permission was granted for the sale of 1.42 billion euros in arms to the 6 member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, the total arms sales to this region in 2011 had a total value of 570 million euros. Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.


Last year a total sale of 1.24 billion euros in weapons was permitted for Saudi Arabia, among the Gulf countries to which Germany exports arms. Therefore among the counties of the region, Saudi Arabia ranks in first place in the race for buying arms from Germany.

A similar figure was announced by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Federal Ministry reported that 1.1 billion euros worth of weapons purchased by Saudi Arabians is used to protect their borders. While sales to Oman and the United Arab Emirates decreased when compared to a year ago, there were increased sales to especially Bahrain and Qatar, where more intense uprisings had occurred. While sales to Bahrain increased to 4.3 million euros, sales to Qatar increased to 17.6 million Euros.

The sale of weapons by Germany to Saudi Arabia, which sent weapons and troops against the riots in Bahrain, is being met by reactions from human rights organizations.

There is also a large increase in the sale of arms to Algeria over the last two years.  While only 20 million euros in arms were being delivered to Algeria from Germany in 2010, arms exports to Algeria were 217 million euros in 2011 and 287 million euros in 2012. Left Party Federal Member of Parliament Jan van Aken has stated that, with the targeted export of arms, Algeria is being made into the Saudi Arabia of the Maghreb.  

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