Iran reaffirms intel cooperation with Turkey

Iran's ambassador to Turkey also reaffirmed Iranian cooperation with Turkey's intelligence service.

Iran reaffirms intel cooperation with Turkey

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Iranian Ambassador to Turkey Ali Riza Bikdeli commented on Friday regarding Tehran's prospects from Geneva II Conference on Syria, saying "Iran's attendance in Geneva II will definitely be an indicator in terms of the seriousness of the conference and the result it will yield."

Speaking to the members of the Diplomatic Correspondents Association (DMD) in Turkish capital Ankara, Bikdeli voiced Tehran's belief in Geneva II Conference that "It is possible for Syria to reach a peaceful solution by early 2014,"

Reminded of the call for a ceasefire in Syria during Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's recent Iran visit, Iranian ambassador highlighted the compromise of Tehran and Ankara on finding a solution to the Syrian issue and their efforts to minimize the areas of dissensus.

He specified the three issues set as mutual aims of Tehran and Ankara as maintenance of security and stability in Syria and in the wider region, integrity of the Syrian state, and the fight against terorrist elements.

When asked of the London Conference conclusion stipulating a Syria without Assad, Bikdeli argued that Syrian people should bear the right to determine Syria's future and and the next government they would be ruled by, adding that "The polls must be decisive in Syria as in any other country."

"Hezbollah is a group supported by people in our region. So, it will certainly play a positive role also in the maintenance of peace and stability in our region. We, as Iran, will exert all our influence to relize peace and stability in the region," said Bikdeli.

"Iran's attendance in Geneva II will definetely be an indicator in terms of the seriousness of the conference and the result it will yield," he noted.

Dwelling upon the fresh historic nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers, Bikdeli said agreement with Iran is possible "purely and simply via respect, never via impositions and sanctions."

He further claimed that Iran has the right of possessing peaceful nuclear energy, saying "Over 40 countries in the world are already dealing with uranium enrichment efforts, Iran is only one of them."

"Iran will close none of the uranium enrichment centers," he added.

Bikdeli asserted that the nuclear deal will serve positively for Iran and Turkey further improving the relations, expressing Tehran's perspective for increasing foreign trade with Turkey within the next months.

MOIS and MIT reaffirm cooperation

Bikdeli has offered to mediate between the Turkish government and the Syrian regime to help them mend ties. He has also reaffirmed Iranian cooperation with Turkey’s intelligence agency MIT.

Cooperation between MIT and Iran’s secret service MOIS caused a stir recently, when MIT chief Hakan Fidan was accused for exposing Iranian citizens who were being recruited by Israeli Mossad agents in Turkey to spy on Iran.

When asked about the allegations, Bikdeli replied saying that he was not the Iranian ambassador at the time and he had no knowledge about the events, but at the same time said no one had the right to criticize Turkish-Iranian cooperation in the field of intelligence.

Bikdel particularly pointed out the region’s ‘Kurdish issue’, which covers the four neighboring nations Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria, stressing the need for mutual collaboration.

He also noted that an alliance between the predominantly Sunni Turkey and predominantly Shiite Iran could help ease sectarian tensions in the Middle-East.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had already agreed to cooperate with Iran to help bring peace and aid to war-torn Syria.

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M. Asghar
M. Asghar - 5 yıl Before

Iran -Turkey 's full cooperation in all the geostrategic fields is essential for good of the region.