Iran refutes US condition for joining Geneva II talks

US State Department Deputy Spokeswoman Harf proposes that Iran, to participate in Geneva II talks, should approve the Geneva I Communiqué.

Iran refutes US condition for joining Geneva II talks

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Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham on Wednesday slated the United States' (US) move to propose condition for Iran’s participation in the upcoming Geneva II Conference on Syria, which stipulates Iran to accept the Geneva I Communiqué before the public eye, approved in 2012 and aiming at providing an outline for ending the crisis in Syria.

“If our participation is in the interest of achieving a solution, it will be unacceptable to set conditions for inviting the Islamic Republic of Iran, and we accept no conditions,” said Afkham, slamming the US condition.

She argued that Iran always considered achievement of political understanding on the basis of dialogue and agreement among the Syrian parties as the sole solution for the "catastrophic" crisis in Syria, adding that Tehran is prepared to facilitate the process.

Afkham claimed that excluding Iran from the process of seeking a political solution in Syria would “deprive" the negotiations of Tehran’s "constructive role.”

Deputy Spokeswoman for the US Department of State Marie Harf proposed on Monday that the US would agree to Iran’s attendance in Geneva II talks if Tehran approved the Geneva I Communiqué, as Russia and the US agreed push for holding the conference in mid-November.

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