Iranian cleric: Turkey's role critical to solve problems in Islamic world

Ayatollah Sheikh Mohsen Araki gathers with opinion leaders of 25 countries in Istanbul to discuss and find a solution to the current problems that Islamic world faces.

Iranian cleric: Turkey's role critical to solve problems in Islamic world

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Zionists are responsible for all the bloodshed in the Islamic world and Turkey's role is critical to resolve the problems in the region, head of the the International Compound for Proximity of Islamic Sects Ayatollah Sheikh Mohsen Araki, told press members in Istanbul on Thursday.

"Acting together of all the Muslims in the world is a duty of our religion. When the Zionist state had entered into our region for the first time, their goal was not only to slaughter Palestinians, but also to kill all the Muslims and destroy all the moral and material sources of them," Araki told.

He continued by giving examples, "Zionist enemies make every kind of plans to create hostility among us. There are their hands in every war, in every bloodshed. They are again responsible for what has happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. They are behind the plots laid in Egypt. We see the same thing in Libya and Bahrain. They want us to conflict and wage war all the time. They don't want us to resolve our problems by ourselves."

Araki called on all Islamic scholars in the world to unite against Zionists, expressing, "Our expectation from Islamic scholars in the world is to make cooperation and to set up a commission to resolve our problems among us. Our priority is to bring solutions to crisis regions like Syria and Egypt."

The prominent Iranian cleric is hopeful of finding a solution of the problems through efforts of scholars and people's demands, in a response to a question on whether Muslims are able to resolve their problems by themselves.

With regards to Turkey's position in the Islamic world he told Anadolu Agency (AA), "Turkey is a big country and has a strong position in Islamic world. History of Turkey is also very important. For this reason, we believe that Turkey can play a very good and positive role to solve our problems in our Islamic society."

Ayatollah Sheikh Mohsen Araki arrived in Istanbul to talk with opinion leaders of 25 countries in order to find solutions to the current problems that Islamic world faces. Earlier, scholars had gathered in the Iranian capital of Tehran for 25th time.

In an interview with AA, Sheikh Hassan Abdullah, President of the Muslim Scholars Coalition in Lebanon also stressed the importance of Turkey's role in the region saying, "Problems threaten all the countries around us. We must solve these problems through dialogue. Turkey has a good influence in the Islamic world. We believe Turkey will bring all the sides in Muslim world together and solve problems."

"Turkey plays an active role in the region. Especially, Mr. Erdogan [Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan] is a very good leader. He is very smart to resolve problems," Abdul Ghani Samsudin, Chairman of Secretariat for Asia Assembly of Ulama, told Anadolu Agency (AA).


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