Iranian election race between 3 groups

It appears that the race for presidential elections in Iran will occur between the conservatives, reformists and the group represented by current President Ahmadinejad.

Iranian election race between 3 groups

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A high level of participation is being observed in the candidacy applications for the presidential elections which officially began yesterday. It is expected that the race for the presidential election to be held on June 14 will occur between three separate groups.

As opposed to previous periods, in addition to the conservatives and reformists, the “Ahmadinejad group” of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Chief Advisor Isfendiyar Rahim Meshai also appear to have a race in the elections.

In Iran where presidential candidates participate in elections independently or in a block as in state and semi-state systems, it is difficult to predict the outcome since the candidacy of former president Mohammad Khatami, who is considered the leader of reformists, has not been clarified yet.

And while there are many conservative politicians who have announced their candidacy, the "Resistance Front" and the "Followers of Imam and Guidance Front" have yet to announce their final nominees.

Among the reformists, the names of former Vice President Mohammad Reza Arif, former deputy Mustafa Kevakibiyan and former nuclear negotiator Hassan Ruhani stand out.

While it is regarded as certain that religious Leader Khamenei will not confirm the nomination of Isfendiyar Rahim Meshai from the "Ahmadinejad group," is said that President Ahmadinejad is persistent on his candidacy.

As elections approach, the strongest candidates among all three groups spear to be Hasan Ruhani, Mohammad Reza Arif, Mohammad Reza Kalibaf, Ali Akbar Velayati and Isfendiyar Rahim Meshai. 

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