Iranian people don't support pro-Assad policy: lawyer

Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winning Iranian lawyer Ebadi apologized for the Iranian regime's support to Assad in killing civilians.

Iranian people don't support pro-Assad policy: lawyer

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Nobel Peace Prize winner Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi apologized as an Iranian for the regime's support of Assad leading to civilian deaths saying "Iranian people do not support Tehran's pro-Assad policy."

Speaking at the opening of the 38th Congress of The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), Ebadi expressed her wish for Syria to restore peace by ending the fight of brothers.

"I apologize, as an Iranian, for the Iranian regime's support to Assad and leading to civilian deaths. Iranian people do not support this policy," she said.

Reminding the 1979 revolution in Iran, Ebadi stated "A dictator was overthrown but it did not bring democracy to Iran. Because a religious dictator replaced the political one, far more radical than the former. The Iranian people had at least their personal freedoms before the revolution, but lost them under religious dictatorial regime."

Ebadi stressed the unacceptable policy of ignoring human rights by taking shelter in a religion or ideology, noting "Many dictators come to power by the majority vote and that is what happened also in Iran. The framework for democracy is human rights. Governments gain legitimacy through not only elections but also their respect for human rights. We can speak of democracy when both exist."

Ebadi, commenting on the countries experiencing the "Arab Spring," appreciated Egyptian people's courage to say "The revolution is not over," and the human rights activists in Tunisia, still resisting and fighting for their freedoms. 

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