Iraqi Kurdish PM: There will be a Palestinian State one day

Iraqi PM attended the activities organised by the Palestinian Erbil Consul, which was first organized by Yasser Arafat in 1965.

Iraqi Kurdish PM: There will be a Palestinian State one day

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The Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KDP) Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said that, “Kurds and oppressed Palestinians are people who come closer together because of their mutual cases and struggle”.

Barzani, had arrived at the Palestinian Erbil Consul General to attend the “50th Conquest Movement” programme. According to the KDP official website Barzani, in a speech at the event, said that he was “pleased to attend the programme and that the Palestinian people have been fighting for their rights and their goals for the past 50 years. Both our people and Palestinians don't just have mutual borders. Kurds and Palestinians are joined because of their joint struggle and mutal cases”.

Barzani also said that, “I hope that one day the Palestinian government will be formed and that this will be the pretext for them to live on their own land and be at peace with their neighbours. I am certain that this will eventuate. We are happy to see our Palestinian brothers and we ask them to forgive us if they see anything that is deficient on our part. The situation of Kurdistan and their difficult situation is something we are following closely”.

He also reiterated that the Kurdish peoples are being supported by the Palestinian people and are also very supportive of them. After the programme, he said that with Palestinian Erbil Consul General Nazmi Hazour, that the “revolution torch” had been burned, and that they had hung the flag from around their necks.

The first “Conquest Movement” had been organised by Yasser Arafat in 1965 and is is celebrated on the 1st January each year with different activities.



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 Abdul-Rahman Mawlood
Abdul-Rahman Mawlood - 4 yıl Before

while it is important for us Kurd to support Palestine state, equally important is to praise peace to Israel state. at the end of the day, it is the Israel state who is openly supports Kurdish aspersion for statehood,