Iraqi Kurdish region hints at possible confederation

Kurdish Regional Government accuses the central Baghdad government of isolation and signals their intentions to form a confederation if problems arise

Iraqi Kurdish region hints at possible confederation

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Falah Mustafa Bakir, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Iraqi Kurdish Region, Wednesday said that if the Baghdad government does not alter its current attitude towards the Kurdish people of northern Iraq they will seek an alternative, such as a confederation.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Bakir said “We [Iraqi Kurds] cannot go on so if Kurds and Arabs are not considered equal," adding that the new government to be formed in Baghdad is the last chance to see whether they will manage to attain equality between the two groups.

He added that a referendum could be done to ascertain if the Kurdish people would want a confederation or something else if problems arise in the creation of the new central government of Baghdad.

Bakir also claimed that the central government of Iraq wanted to block the Iraqi regional government's economic development by preventing oil sales, but believed they would fail in their attempts.

Tension between Baghdad and Irbil has recently ramped up over the latter's right to export oil independently of the central government.

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