Israel: 4 elections in 2 years harm public trust

Israeli president urges public to vote, as country may have 5th election if deadlock in forming government remains.

Israel: 4 elections in 2 years harm public trust

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said on Tuesday four rounds of elections in two years adversely affect the people's trust in the Israeli democratic process.

"I'm voting for the last time as president, but also as a concerned citizen," Rivlin said after casting his vote in Israel's parliamentary elections.

Rivlin ends his term as Israel's president this year, and Israeli lawmakers will elect another president for a seven-year non-renewable term.

Rivlin urged the public to vote, saying: "There is no other way."

Early on Tuesday, ballot stations opened across Israel for the parliamentary elections and will remain open till 10 p.m. local time (2000GMT).

The Israeli elections authority said 6,578,084 Israelis are currently eligible to vote.

Amid disagreements among the country's parties and blocs, the Israelis have cast their votes in four consecutive elections in the last two years. The fifth round of elections is also predicted if the deadlock in forming a government remains.