Israel downs Iranian drone from Syria

An Israeli warplane crashed in northern Israel during a raid on Syria

Israel downs Iranian drone from Syria

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The Israeli army shot down an Iranian drone launched from Syria and struck a number of Iranian targets in the war-torn country, according to the Israeli military.

In a statement, the army said an Iranian UAV entered Israeli airspace from Syria early Saturday and was intercepted by an Israeli Air Force Apache.

“In response, the IDF (Israeli army) targeted Iranian targets in Syria,” the army said.

According to the statement, 12 targets were attacked inside Syria, including three Syrians air defense batteries and four Iranian targets that were part of Iran’s buildup in Syria.

The army said anti-aircraft missiles were fired toward Israel during the airstrike, triggering rocket sirens to sound in the Golan Heights and northern Israel.

The Israeli army said it was prepared for “a variety of scenarios and will continue to act as necessary”.

According to the military, an Israeli aircraft crashed in northern Israel during the raid on Syria.

One of the pilots, the army said, has been seriously wounded as a result of an emergency evacuation from his F-16 jet that came under Syrian fire.

There was no comment from the Iranian authorities on the claim.

For decades, Israel-Iran relations have been characterized by deep animosity. While Tehran sees Israel as its biggest enemy, the Jewish state insists Iran must be prevented from achieving a nuclear deterrent.

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