Israel seizes land in West Bank, one of largest in years

Haaretz said the Defence Ministry declared nearly 250 acres (100 hectares) of territory in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc just south of Jerusalem "state land"

Israel seizes land in West Bank, one of largest in years

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Israel has carried out a new land grab in the occupied West Bank, the Haaretz daily said on Sunday, in a move that could complicate efforts to extend troubled peace talks with the Palestinians.

Haaretz said the Defence Ministry declared nearly 250 acres (100 hectares) of territory in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc just south of Jerusalem "state land". Asked by Reuters about the report, the ministry declined immediate comment.

The land appropriation, the left-leaning newspaper said, was the largest in years and could eventually lead to the expansion of several settlements and authorisation of a settler outpost built without Israeli government permission in 2001.

Haaretz said the heads of nearby Palestinian villages that claimed the land as theirs were informed of the move last week and have 45 days to appeal.

It was not immediately clear whether the reported appropriation was part of sanctions that Israel has begun to impose in response to the April 1 signing by Palestinians of 15 international conventions and agreements during the current crisis in U.S.-brokered peace negotiations.

Hanan Ashrawi, a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, accused Israel of trying to destroy chances for peace through a "frantic escalation" of settlement activity.

"This is the real face of the Israeli government," she told Reuters. "This is a government hostile to peace moves and it's taking steps which have a longer-term strategy."

Israel has gone ahead and destroyed several EU-funded humanitarian projects in a settlement zone in the West Bank earlier, despite diplomatic threats and repeated calls to desist.

The E1 corridor, as it’s called, contains an area known as Ras-a-Baba (or Jabal-al-Baba), overlooking Jerusalem. It has been a target of the Netanyahu government ever since 2012. The three projects destroyed will be joining whole scores of other EU-funded structures that Israel has destroyed, without regard for international law, as Europe believes, calling the area “a red line”, a report by EurActiv, an EU policy news and discussion portal, has revealed.

Speaking before the Haaretz report appeared, Israel's chief peace negotiator, Tzipi Livni said on the YNet news site that she is optimistic the statehood negotiations will be extended beyond the original April 29 deadline for a deal.

Livni has been meeting her Palestinian counterpart Saeb Erekat in an intensive push over the past few days to try to salvage the talks.

Last week, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry suggested that Israel's publication on April 1 of a tender for 708 homes for settlers in East Jerusalem was the proximate cause for the near collapse of the talks, which began in July.

Israel's anti-settlement Peace Now movement said on its website that at least 90 of the 120 Jewish settlements built in the occupied West Bank since its capture in a 1967 war are on "state land".

Palestinians seek a state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and fear settlements will deny them a viable country. Israel cites historical and Biblical links to the West Bank and Jerusalem and says Gush Etzion is one of the enclaves it intends to keep in any future peace deal.

Citing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's signing of U.N. human rights conventions, Israel said on Wednesday it was limiting its contacts with Palestinian officials, although Livni could continue to meet negotiators.

Announcing another sanction a day later, an Israeli official said Israel would deduct debt payments from tax transfers which the Palestinian Authority routinely receives, and limit the self-rule government's deposits in Israeli banks.

For his part, Abbas has accused Israel of violating a commitment to release two dozen prisoners at the end of March, including Palestinians convicted of killing Israelis, when the negotiations resumed. This is the last group of 104 prisoners Israel pledged to free as a confidence-building measure.

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Annie Burg
Annie Burg - 5 yıl Before

The declaration was made possible after legal research teams labored for years researching the provenance of the land. Numerous leftist groups brought cases before the High Court seeking to prove that the land belonged to Palestinians, but all the cases were rejected, as no substantive proof of ownership or long-term use was provided.

Eagle - 5 yıl Before

No mans land is just that. Once there is peace, the land can be sorted out.To the arab farmers i say "tell your leaders to make peace while you still have land" if you were realistic about peace then you would keep your land..

Joe - 5 yıl Before

Israelis unbelievably are being fairly scrutinized for the first time in their countries lifetime. I can't wait till the Mideast descends together on top of them!-English white guy

Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson - 5 yıl Before

The Yinon Zionist Plan is to make the Palestinians leave or live as slaves. While the world frets about Putin and the Ukraine, a much more important injustice is happening in the West Bank daily. And even regime change in the Ukraine is a part of the multiracial globalist plan for world domination ultimately leading to the preeminence of Isael in the world.

South Africa
South Africa - 5 yıl Before

Aparthied cannot be sustained. Racism, theft, and military technologies will only be tolerated until the breaking point. If peaceful means are not provided for the common person, if there are "first and second class citizens of any nation, it is war." (B.Marley) If peace continues to fail, and prisons built because of race, then I say Intifada.

Nicholas Rehl
Nicholas Rehl - 5 yıl Before

There already is a Palestinian state and it's called Jordan.

Fabio Piraquive
Fabio Piraquive - 5 yıl Before

Israel the rich, is again stealing the land from the poor Palestinians. Nobody in the world do something to stop this crime. And if the Palestinians try to defend their land then they are called terrorist. It is unfair, sad and inmoral.

Michael - 5 yıl Before

Big News. Israel seized their own land.