Israel to fine those who carry the Palestinian flag

In order to prevent any protests an eight point plan has been prepared by Israel

Israel to fine those who carry the Palestinian flag

World Bulletin/News Desk

An eight point article that details charges against those who organise protests and the fines imposed on their families, on the request of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the said plan, there will be penalities who carry the Palestinian flag, and it is predicted that there will further turmoil in a country where there is already a high unemployment rate for Palestinians. The plan also includes the closure of printing presses that belong to Palestinians.

According to a report by the Israeli Yehdiot Ahronot newspaper, in order to prevent stone throwing at security forces Netanyahu has requested Likud representatives and Knesset Comittee Chairman Yariv Levin to detail an 8 point plan to counter this.

According to the newspaper, this article has been classified as “temporary” which paves the way for the points in the article to be submitted to the Knesset and pass legislation. For those who throw stones at Israeli soldiers, and those who plan protests, the label “terrorist” will be applied as follows:

-Those who are labelled as terrorists, their citizenship and residence permit will be cancelled. Following their incarceration, they will be deported to places outside of Israel's control.

-Bodies of those who commit terror acts will not be handed to their families and will be buried without ceremony. Their families will be not allowed to approach the grave of relatives.

-The homes of those who organise protests will be demolished within 24 hours.

-Provocateurs, stone throwers and those wearing face masks will be imprisoned until they are sentenced. Those who remove the Israeli flag and display the Palestinian flag will face court charges.

-All printing presses that support "terrorists" will be closed down.

-For those who commit crimes, ttheir licence and social rights will be removed for ten years from the day of the offence .

-Families of terror attack suspects,  who try to establish contact with arrested family members by way of social media, or any type of media will be stripped of their citizenship and sent to the Gaza strip.

-Business owners who wish to know of their police record will be able to learn this from the police department. Business owners who employ those with a police record will remove their worker without pay or redudance pay.

On the agenda for Israel is the envisioned law change of government list of terrorist organisations and groups of other countries that support Palestine and those members in the Knesset who support them will be dropped from the Knesset.

With nearly 1 million 600,000 Palestinians of Christian and Muslim background in Israel, who is the world representative of Jews, this coming Wednesday have scheduled to discuss a bill that will define the ethnic-religious makeup of the state

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