Israeli delegation walks out during Rouhani speech

Israeli PM Netanyahu told the Israeli delegation to leave the General Assembly meeting to boycott Iranian President, said that words of Iran must be confirmed with its reconciliatory and verifying practices

Israeli delegation walks out during Rouhani speech

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President Hassan Rouhani of Iran addressed to the leaders and representatives of member countries for the first time during 68th session of UN General Assembly.

Rouhani, expressing no military intervention would be solution, condemned use of chemical weapon in Syria and received Syria's step in this issue favorably, by being ready to leave its chemical arsenal under international control.

Complaining constantly about "violence and extremism" during his speech, Rouhani emphasized on importance of democracy and ballot box, evaluating the results of the elections in Iran as hope for peace of world.

Rouhani also expressed that Palestinians were exposed to a tragic violence while talking over Palestinian issue. 

Reiterating Iran was insistent to hold an international cooperation, Rouhani also expressed he was open to talks with the United States "to manage differences, also mentioning about a transparent relation based on mutual confidence.

Meanwhile, Israeli delegation boycotted Rouhani by leaving the General Assembly, whereas US delegation did not attend Israeli delegation's protest.

During Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at General Assembly in previous years, notably Israel, USA and other western countries left the assembly.

In addition, Iranian officials were at the assembly during US President Barack Obama's speech.

Speaking at the 68th General Assembly of United Nations (UN) in New York, Netanyahu said he considered that Iran would continue to obtain nuclear weapons.

"As North Korea did before, Iran would also present some cosmetic compromises and protect its ability to build the nuclear construction when it wants to remove the ban of enforcement," Netanyahu said.    

Stating that Israel was ready to welcome a diplomatic solution that dismantled Iran's capacity to develop nuclear arms, Netanyahu noted that if Israel showed a real refusal, Israel would not "be fooled by half-measures that merely provide a smokescreen for Iran's continual pursuit of nuclear weapons and the world should not be fooled either."

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