Israeli ex-President slams 'Jewish state' bill

Shimon Peres comes out against Netanyahu's “Jewish State Legislation”

Israeli ex-President slams 'Jewish state' bill

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Israeli ex-President Shimon Peres in speech at a David Ben Gurion memorial service said that the new legislation “ was more of a cut with an axe rather than something that is going to work to the benefit of the Israel Declaration of Independence.  This will hurt our nation as both internally and externally, and will erode our democratic principles”.

“How can one divide concepts of “Jew” and “democracy” in the state of Israel? Which one can possibly be more superior” asked the former President, who reiterated the need for Israel to return to its democratic values.

The new bill which will be presented to parliament next Wednesday has a clause that states that “Israel is the historic homeland of the Jews and that all Israeli citizens have equal rights”

With the bill almost guaranteed to pass, it will be considered to be on the basic laws of Israel's consitiation. The state of Israel sees the resolution not just as a regional draft but one that represents the ethno-religious Jewish make up around the world.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that, “We expect that the Palestinians will accept the State of Israel. Just in the same way that they expect us to recognise the State of Palestine”.

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