Israeli police: Eight wounded in Palestinian attack

The attacker in Tel Aviv was a Palestinian in his 20s from the city of Nablus, according to Israeli police spokeswoman

Israeli police: Eight wounded in Palestinian attack

A Palestinian from the occupied West Bank commandeered a taxi in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv before dawn on Monday, stabbing the driver and then injuring seven others, including police officers, after crashing into a roadblock, a police spokeswoman said.

The assailant "stole a taxi cab and drove it to the nightclub with the express intent of carrying out an attack", she said. He stabbed and injured the driver, then crashed into a police roadblock outside the club, and got out of the cab and stabbed officers and civilians, she added.

One of the eight people hurt was listed in a serious condition in hospital and the others suffered light to moderate injuries, Samri said.

The suspect was also injured while resisting arrest, although the type of wound he sustained, whether a gunshot or blows, was not immediately clear.



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