Israeli president Peres protests against Iran deal

Israeli president Shimon Peres has described the P5+1 deal between western nations and Iran as "not a historic deal, but a historic mistake".

Israeli president Peres protests against Iran deal

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Israel President Simon Peres warns the international community related with reaching agreement between UN Security Council's 5 permanent members and Germany (P5+1) on Iran's nuclear program by saying "in case diplomatic negotiations become unsuccessful, Iran's nuclear program would be prevented with other ways and alternatives would be worse."

The agreement, described as "not a historic deal, but a historic mistake", was also commented by Israel President Peres.

Peres said, "The success of the agreement would be assessed not by words, but the results," and addressed Iranian people by saying, "Neither you nor we are big enemies. We have the possibilities of solving this problem via diplomatic ways. This is in your hands. Reject terrorism and end the nuclear program as well as stopping long range missiles," according to the statement released by Press Center of Israel Presidency.

It was stated that Israel and international community are in favor of diplomatic solution and added, "Personally, what I heard from US President Barack Obama and other leaders is that the international community will not tolerate Iran's bid for nuclear weapons."

The agreement foresees an initial six-month period that brings boundaries to Tehran’s nuclear program and it addresses concerns about Iran’s enrichment capabilities, existing stockpiles, centrifuges and ability to produce weapons-grade nuclear material with the Arak reactor.

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