Jabra: Russia no longer backing Assad

Syrian National Coalition chairman Ahmed Jabra has said that Russia is no longer backing the Syrian regime.

Jabra: Russia no longer backing Assad

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The Chairman of the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolution Forces (SNCORF) Ahmed Jabra said on Thursday that Russia is no longer sticking strongly to embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Speaking at a news conference in Geneva the day before Friday's meeting of the two Syrian delegations, Jabra said the negotiations will be difficult, but Assad is now part of the past.

In response to a question about Russia's changing position on Syria, Jabra said "We met Foreign Minister (Sergey) Lavrov in Paris last week. Lavrov confirmed to us that Russia is not sticking strongly to Assad, but he said the solution should be left to Syrians. We should reach our own solution."

About Assad's relations with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Jabra said "The ISIL is an organization close to the Assad regime. The Free Syrian Army started a war against this terrorist group a month ago and at the same time when the Free Syrian Army was fighting with the ISIL, the Assad regime only bombed the Free Syrian Army. Assad forces have never bombed the ISIL."

In response to a question regarding the timeframe of the negotiations between the two Syrian delegations, Jabra said, "The negotiation team will set the time and schedule. The team has been authorized by me."

Iran voices concern over 'terrorist' groups

Iran is concerned about the terrorist groups in Syria and believes every kind of regional and international attempts should rest upon fighting with terrorism, said the ministry statement on Thursday.

"The necessity of Geneva II will be proven in the event that a solution is found to end the terrorism in Syria."

The statement said that the spread of the terrorism in the country is a danger that threatens not only the countries in the region but also the whole world. The statement said that felonies the terrorists commit against Syrian people are a crime against humanity, adding that those who support terrorists are responsible for this crime and should stop sending arms and armed groups into the country.

The statement also underlined the importance of an election which Syrian people will launch in an environment of trust and said the Syrian people's choice, for all crises to reach solution, should be respected.

Imposing on Syria's people will from outside will cause a deadlock, it added.

Iran is also concerned about the worsening situation in the country which is, it says, caused by an economic blockade and terrorist groups, expressing its sorrow over assistance of these groups by foreign countries, said the statement.

Iran backs a political solution with dialogue from all parties and believes a national peace committee should be formed with the participation of all opponent groups and the government to end the crisis.

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