Jordan and Israel to cooperate against ISIL threat

Sources in Jordan's embassy in Israel say the kingdom's cooperation with Israel has only increased as the situation in Iraq has deteriorated amid an ISIL offensive.

Jordan and Israel to cooperate against ISIL threat

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As rebels from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) make additional gains in Iraq cooperation between Israel and Jordan is growing. A senior source in the Jordanian Embassy in Israel told Ynet, detailing Jordan's position regarding the ongoing crisis and potential US intervention. 

"There is a very good cooperation between us regarding ISIL's growing presence in Iraq and Syria, but also on issues relating to other radical forces in the Middle East which have their sights set on Israel and Jordan," the diplomatic source was quoted by Ynet. 

With the aid of Sunni tribesman, ISIL, which is an al-Qaeda breakaway group, has managed to take over parts of the tribal border between Iraq and Jordan for a short period of time. A recent report in Al-Arabiya claimed Jordan will send military forces to the area. 

Speaking with Ynet, the embassy source said as the situation in Iraq has deteriorated the cooperation with Israel increased. 

"The developments on the other side of the border (between Jordan and Iraq) are still unclear, but the Jordanian army is already doing whatever it can to quell any threat from the area.

"As of now the border crossing is operative. Jordan is holding talks with regional forces to find a solution to the political conflict in Iraq. This is not just the ISIL issue, but a deteriorating political situation," the official said. 

"The US has a military agreement with Iraq. This is a sovereignty related issue between two countries and has nothing to do with Jordan. However, there are some regional players who think the US must become involved to neutralize radical forces. We have no preference, it is not our issue." 

"It is no secret there are radical forces in Amman. The developments in Iraq have helped encourage fanatics to admit they support the organization. Nonetheless, as of now, we have seen no real connection between those who expressed support and ISIL in Iraq. " 

On Monday, two Jordanian officials said the border crossing almost 575 km (357 miles) from the Iraqi capital and nearly 320 km (199 miles) from Amman was effectively closed after gunmen took control of the crossing. 

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